10 Roommate Pranks

Roombuddy 2020 November 14

Read time: 1 min 35 sec

Read time: 1 min 35 sec


Living with flatmates is often a lot more fun than we think. If you’re thinking what funny things to do for getting out of the daily routine we can help you try some ideas of pranks that you can make to your roommate.

Here are some of the best roommate pranks:

1. Draw eyes on EGGS


Your roommate will be surely amused when he’ll see this in the refrigerator. For this you’ll only need a marker and a bit of imagination. You must really try this idea at least one time in your flatmate life!

2. Oreo Toothpaste prank


Fill Oreo’s biscuits with toothpaste instead of cream. Maybe you heard of this one, but you definitely must try it!

3. The Donut Mayo prank


This one is from the same category as Oreo’s prank. Fill a simple donut with mayo and serve it to your roommate as the best donut in town he must try.

4. Soap prank


For this prank you’ll need a soap bar and a clear nail polish. You’ll cover the entire soap bar with the nail polish and let it dry. Then all you have to do is to place it in the bathroom sink and wait for your roommates to use it. It will be a real patience challenge!

5. The Toilet prank with Pasta


Put pasta or spaghetti under the toilet seat - when your roommate will sit down the sound of the crunchy pasta/spaghetti will be the same as something broken.

6. Bloody Bath Mat prank


If you want to do a really scary prank, buy a bath mat that turns red when wet. You can buy it from Amazon.

7. Exploding Drink prank


Put mentos in ice cubes and serve with a cold Coke. This is one of the most popular and funny roommate pranks to do.

8. Hot Pepper prank


Take some hot peppers and soak them in chocolate to make them look like strawberries. Leave the dish with the chocolate glazed “strawberries” in the kitchen. When your flatmate arrives, he’ll surely want to take a bite (you can also add whipped cream for a visually delicious pleasure). This will be probably one of the most savagely evil roommate pranks.

9. Plastic Wrap prank


Put plastic wrap over the toilet bowl. It must be stretched in such a way that it is not noticeable. Your roommate will have an unexpected surprise.

10. Upside Down Glass prank


This is considered one of the best pranks. Here what you have to do:

  1. Fill the cup with water.
  2. Put a cardboard over the cup and then turn it over.
  3. Place the cup on the table with face down and pull the cardboard quickly.
  4. Wait until he picks it up or ask him to bring you the cup.

Here we are! 10 of the best roommate pranks to do for funny experiences. Hope these pranks won’t bother anyone. Enjoy your pranks and feel free to share with us your pranking experience!

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