11 Best Activities to do with your Roommate

Roombuddy 2020 December 16


Living with a roommate can be fun and challenging and when you actually get along and become friends it is even better. Either you barely know your flatmate or either you know each other for some time, you'll probably feel the need to do something to search for ways to bond with your roommate.

What a better way to get close to your roommate and to change the boring atmosphere than doing activities together.

So, here are 11 things to do with your roommate for a quality time together:

1. A proper Movie Night


By proper we mean a good movie atmosphere with popcorn, nachos, juice and other snacks that you prefer. We also advice to dedicate your time for each other without social media scrolling.
You may try also a whole tv-series night. Those who fall asleep first must come up with a better activity idea next time.

2. Cook something delicious


Maybe you’re not a fan of cooking, but here is the point! This activity can run into something fun and is a great way to connect to your homies.

3. Workout together


In this way, each of you will be more motivated and with no excuses to give up. Plus, it is more fun! You can also do regular workouts with your roommates to easily get into a routine.

4. Games Night


Board Games or Video Games - you choose! This activity really unites people. We guarantee laughter and a great time.

5. Create your common roommate playlist


A common playlist will excuse you to complain about your homie’s music taste. Create a playlist with your favorite songs and then you can spend time together listening to music and doing other activities in the same time.

6. Gossip night with sweets, snacks and good music


Hands up if you never gossiped. You can call this one of the fun roommate activities especially if you look back to your Facebook posts from when you were younger. Add to this night some good music and snacks. Your bond will get bigger for sure after this night!

7. Decorate your rented flat together


Put up together your best creative ideas to make your flat a cozy place to live in. In this way, you’ll discover that you have many things in common.
See these 6 ideas to decorate a rented flat on a budget.

8. Shopping together


Online or going to a market, shopping will be more fun taking your roommate with you. You can buy food or other things together in order to reduce the monthly outgoings.

9. Schedule a roommate dinner day per week


Cook for each other! Impress your roommate with something that your grandma cooked you when you were little. Use this time together to tell what you did during the day.

10. Cleaning day together


Set up a cleaning day together so that cleaning will be faster and entertaining than ever.

11. Read or learn together


We all know that when it comes to learning we hardly begin. This is a good way to motivate each other. Or if you decide to have reading classes together you can share what you have read and so the reading will become even more interesting.

Now, roommates don’t have to be best friends, but getting along and being able to understand each other is a must.

Hope we inspired you for future activities with your roomies. Feel free to share it if you like it.

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