11 Pros And Cons Of Living With A Roommate

Roombuddy 2021 January 04


If you’re about to do the big step and leave your city for studies, probably your question is this: ‘Is having a roommate worth it?’. Well, of course, that sharing a flat with someone comes with pros and cons, but it depends on us and what our expectations are.

We’ve made up a list for you with the advantages and disadvantages of living with a roommate, in order to help you quickly decide if you’re gonna share a flat with someone.

So, here are some PROS and CONS of having a roommate:


  1. You will pay less on rent and utilities, so you can save more money.
  2. Sharing your rent with at least one roommate will help you reduce your monthly costs. You can shop together things like: food, cleaning detergents, toilet paper and so on
  3. You have someone to communicate with, you don't get bored alone
  4. Your roommate can become your friend
  5. If you are at the same faculty you can help each other with projects / exams; You will have help / support in difficult times; If your roomie agrees, you can bring your pet to live with you. (check out here the perfect pets for apartment life)
  6. You can share chores. Your work of cleaning the house will take less time
  7. In case of emergency, your roommate can help you


  1. Your roommate can delay the payment of the rent
  2. You may feel that you privacy space is not respected
  3. May appear conflicts on who took from personal things without asking
  4. Your roommate can become annoying and it is possible to have disagreements.
  5. A messy roommate

This list reveals some benefits of living with a roommate but disadvantages, too. All you have to do is to think at both pros and cons and take a decision that you’ll never regret
Hope this article was useful for you.

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