How to stop your roommate from slamming doors

Roombuddy 2021 January 30

Do you get annoyed every time your roommate slams the doors? Does it wake you up every morning? How can you avoid this?

First thing to do

Try to talk with your roommate and explain to him that this bothers you. Talk to him without tension and in a clear and calm way. It is recommended to catch your roommate in a good mood. if he is sad or has had a hard day he is more likely to take the problem more personally and not understand that it is actually a small thing that bothers you. If you are different in personality, take a step back and try to take it as nicely as possible and explain it without getting upset. He may not know that he is doing this and he will realize that it is an annoying thing that he is not consciously doing.

Try to avoid phrases like:

  • It is very annoying that you are slamming the door!
  • if I woke you up every day knocking on the door, would you like it !?
  • I don't know how you can slam the doors like that!

Try to approach your roommate with a phrase like:

Hi! I had such a hard day, how was yours? I know you woke up at 6 that I heard when you closed the door. I thought it sounded really loud and I woke up instantly. Maybe we should put some sticky pads on the furniture to make it less noisy or trying to close it more carefully not to wake up each other.

Other ways to prevent noise are:

  1. Try sticky furniture pads
    - not completely, but it will dampen the sound
    - here is a model of what it should look like
  2. Make a set of rules from the beginning that includes 'don't slam the doors' and stick the paper it on the main wall
    - The advantage of this is that you can't get upset on a paper that has some rules. ‘Don’t slam the doors’ from a human being may sound annoying but reading it will not bother you
  3. Install a door closer
    - here is a model of what it should look like