How to tell your roommate you’re moving out

Roombuddy 2021 January 31

Are you planning to move out and you don’t know how to tell your roommate? Are you afraid that he will get upset and you will no longer be friends? Do you think he will not understand why you are moving out?

Telling your roommate that you are moving out is like ending a long relationship and can be a hard thing.

What to do

It is very important to make clear why you are moving out and let your roommate know that early. This can be a hard thing for your roommate for a variety of reasons like:

  • He can have a hard period and cannot have enough money to leave alone
  • He is attached to you and loves sharing the flat with you

Considering that, take the time and explain why do you have to move out so he/she understands the reason. Even if you bought a new house, want to move with your partner, have to move closer to the new office or you feel like you simply want to change the rent and leave in a better area of the city your roommate has to understand that there is nothing to do with him and you will talk and be friends further.

My roommate is the problem

If the problem is your roommate, you have to tell him what bothers you. But even if this is the case, you have to explain to them as nicely as possible where is the problem and why do you feel that is better to move out.

For example, let's say it bothers you that your roommate doesn't want you to clean on the weekend. If you consider that the problem can not be solved without moving out, try to explain to him as nicely as possible that this bothers you.

Try to avoid phrases like:

  • I don't understand why you don't want us to clean on Saturday, what's so hard?
  • You wake up late every Saturday and never clean!
  • You never have time to clean on the weekends, but you have time to watch TV!

Try to approach your roommate with a phrase like:

What are you doing? I talked to my cousin these days and he said he would like us to move downtown in 2 months. I think it is a good idea. At the same time, I've been thinking about what I don't like here. It bothers me sometimes that we don't manage to clean on the weekends, being both tired. How do you think we could make it happen?

After you talk with your roommate and everything is good there is a list of things you have to do:

Split the bills

Talk with your roommate and see what invoices do you have to end paying: like Netflix, the internet, etc.

Split things bought together

You have to talk with your roommate and see what things you acquired together. Let's say you bought an audio system and you split the price in two. Who takes it now?

There are a few options:

  • sell them and split the money
  • if you want to keep it, pay a difference set with the roommate - the same thing if the roommate wants to keep it
  • if you think you no longer need it, leave it to your roommate

Help him find a new roommate

It will be very helpful as you will double the chances for your roommate to find a new one. Share the available room on Facebook groups and specialized roommate websites. Also, this proves that you are not upset and that the connection between you will continue.