Roommate Rules | Best Rules when living with roommates

Roombuddy 1 January 2021


Living with a roommate can be both entertaining and unpleasant, especially if you’re from different cities and both have different characters.

Maybe that person is someone you know from a friend or maybe you already have known each other for years, but living along with someone can change the relationship if you don’t have proper communication. That’s why it is important to set up some essential roommate rules before or right after moving with someone. Nothing is more awkward and weird to have disagreements with someone you get along with.

No one rule functions in every situation, cause everyone is different, with different personality types. But what is most important in every single relationship is communication. Communicating with your roommate and treating each other with respect is the key to having the best experience as a roomie.

Here are some essential roommate rules when sharing a rent:

1. Listen to each other needs


Listening is a virtue that leads to understanding and peace. So, listening to what your roommate has to say will prevent misunderstandings and fights. Even though it is hard to keep yourself from interrupting when you’re not agree with something, try to listen till the end. You may change your mind about that arguing subject.

2. Respect the privacy


We’re sure that everyone likes to have their own space sometimes and the privacy respected. That’s why is important to respect each other's privacy by not invading the personal space. Respecting obvious boundaries (like not enter the room without knocking or leaving space when talking on the phone) and asking first is essential.

3. Don’t raise your voice


Don’t raise your voice, just improve your argument! No one likes someone to yell at him/her.

4. Don’t use each other things without asking


Ask every time before using others things. That means respect and in turn you will be respected.

5. Ask before bringing someone “home”


Even though your roommate is friendly and agrees most of the time with bringing people into the flat, you should not stop asking him every time before inviting relatives or friends to your shared flat.

6. Clean up after your mess


Oh, boy! This is a sensitive subject because most of us hate cleaning up after someone’s mess. So, be careful with your own things where you throw them, cause you may bother your roommate.

7. Split the house chores


Doing this is an advantage for each of you - less cleaning & no time consuming.

8. Take turn with the trash


No one likes taking out the trash, but it needs to be done anyways, so simply take turn of doing it!

9. Don’t take it personal


This rule is precious because living with someone you don't know it may take a while ‘till getting to know each other and not to take anything said personal.

10. Don’t delay paying the rent


Don't do this! It is not fair and nice to postpone the rent payment and to put your roommate do it for you. You will put both of you in an awkward situation. Only in exceptional cases, you can talk to your roommate to understand you, but you will have to correct and pay the money in a few days.

11. Buying together the necessary common things


By buying together the necessary things that you can use together you will save more.

12. Respect each other sleeping/working hours

respect-sleeping-and working

This rule is more of a form of respect. Respect each other sleeping and working hours for better living.

13. Anything that bothers to be discussed in order to be immediately solved


It is important to discuss everything that bothers. Communication is the key for anything.

These are some of the best and essential rules that might work when you’re sharing a flat with someone. al you have to do is sit down at a cup of coffee and have an honest, transparent and respectful discussion about what each other is looking for, what each of you think is fair, and where you can each agree.

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