Roommates and Pets: Tips for a good living

Roombuddy 29 May 2021


Living with roommates while having a pet may be quite challenging. Even you are pet-friendly flatmates, everyone must take responsibility for their own animal. But, in general, pets should bond you more with your roommate, because having an animal takes you out of the routine and is like therapy for anything.

Here are some golden rules when you live with roommates and pets:

1. Talk with your roomie before bringing your pet living with you

You must understand that sharing a flat is about decisions that are not totally yours and you have to discuss with your roommate before taking any decision. Pets are a sensitive subject and that's why is important to have a talk with your roomie in order to see if he/she agrees with living with your pet.

It is possible that your roommate to be pet friendly but to have an allergy to cats or dogs. In this case, you have to accept the situation and find another suitable solution for you.

2. Never make your roommate responsible for your pet

Your pet your responsibility - that is a golden rule for having a well-living relationship with your flatmate. Never leave your pet with your roommate if you know he doesn’t want to take care of your pet too much. If something happens only your pet will have to suffer from it. So, if you trust your roomie that he can assume to take care of your pet, then you can do it.

Your pet must trust your roommate, too.

3. Clean up after your pet

It is important to clean up after your pet every time even though is disgusting. When you have a pet this is a big responsibility. Make sure to get clean up as soon as the mess is made, in order to avoid any critical look or observation of your flatmates.

4. Train your pet to good behave

If you have a well-trained pet then the chances that your flatmate accepts your pet are bigger. Learning to respect privacy is the most important thing when you're living with roommates and pets. Besides this, the basic sit, stay, and down is essential.

5. Bond your pet with your flatmate

Watch the relationship between your pet and your roommate and try to bond them by spending time together or making some indoor/outdoor activities.

In the end, is nice to have a good relationship with roommates for your pets well-living. Your pet is your best friend, so make sure from the beginning he can be accepted and loved by your flatmate, too.

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