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How to Live With Someone You Hate

Hello. I used to live with a friend about 2 years ago. We were good friends at the beginning but then we slowly started to get bored and then I started to hate him. He did some stupid things and I couldn't get over that. I wanted to move but I didn't have enough money to rent a studio so I developed a plan on how to live with a person I hate. I will write here some tips, maybe it will help some of you.

1. Try to be calm in any situation

  • If you know that you will get home and there will be your roommate, develop a plan not to stress and get angry. What can be so bad? You meet him, talk a little bit about your day and then you can go in your room. I think it is very important not to overthink about your interection and let things go on.

2. Be polite

  • This is very important. It doesn't matter what he did to you and why you hate him. You have to respect each other so things will not be worse.

3. Avoidance

  • Limit the amount of time you spend with your roommate. Go to workshops, spend time with other friends or learn something new in your room.

- Posted by Anonim

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